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As time goes on the computer industry and computer software gets more and more integrated.

Many hotel and resort reservations systems now integrate pricing against each other so that you can see which hotel reservation system has the lowest prices.

Price matching and cross referencing is accomplished by way of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and corresponding REST (Representational state transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) programming constructs.

Application Programming Interfaces are accomplished by way of writing server code which is placed on the Windows, Linux, MAC or Unix servers and this computer code and is consumed by client side code (usually in the language of JavaScript running on the browser).

If hotels or resorts have reservations that are made for them by 3rd party reservation companies such as or then information such as name, address, city state, zip, phone, email address and credit card information needs to be transferred to the hotel chain for the reservation that was made (usually by the programming technologies that are listed above).   If the reservation is made on the hotels or resorts reservation system then the hotels or resorts reservation system (web server and database server) needs to capture this information instead.