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Hotel and resort room tracking software must keep track of a large amount of different fields or parameters.

Some of these parameters include: Check in date, check out date, room number, room type, rate type, discounts, number of adults, number of children, group type, vehicle license plate, vehicle make and vehicle model, notes and complaint notes.

As with much of the worlds software generic fields also need to be kept track of such as: name, address, city state, zip, phone, email address and credit card information.

As with much of the worlds software accounting fields need to be tracked and archived for future accounting such as: invoice amount, amount paid, amount due, invoice number, city tax, state tax, account number, account description, terms and customer number.

Standard or generic hotel and resort reports that hotels and resorts should be able to produce usually include: Chart of Accounts, Balance Sheet, Capital Statement, Income Statement, Profit and Loss Statement, Trial Balance, Room Reservations reports, Vacancy reports and Food and Beverage reports.

Keeping track of all of this information as well as keeping fully functional and smoothly running computer systems and reliable backups should help keep your hotel or resort running smoothly.